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Thursday, July 31 2014 @ 04:43 PM PDT

The CandyFab 6000

We are extremely proud to unveil this new machine, the CandyFab 6000:


It's a brand new CandyFab-- still in beta. A clean break, designed from the ground up with almost no parts in common with the original, the CandyFab 4000. All new mechanics. All new electronics. All new software. A 3D fabbing monster with a build volume of more than 10 liters, yet small enough to fit on a desk top.


Here's one of the first objects to be fabbed on the CandyFab 6000: a drilled sphere, about two inches in diameter and layer thickness of 1/15 inch. There's plenty of room for improvement, and finally we have a machine that can be improved.


And there's much more to come. :)

Today we're relaunching the CandyFab project web site with a new look, a new logo, and new web sites forum.candyfab.org and wiki.candyfab.org, where we'll be building up documentation for the new machine.

In the next few months, much more is coming. We'll be announcing a public (hardware) beta program, announcing kits, and releasing everything-- once it's working well-- under one or more open source licenses.

The CandyFab 6000 will make its first operational public appearance this weekend at Maker Faire-- come say Hi!

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The CandyFab 6000
Authored by: Kevin H on Tuesday, June 09 2009 @ 05:29 PM PDT
Very nice.
How'd you come up with laser-cut plywood?
I've been looking at polycarbonate and acrylic.
Can't laser cut polycarb, acrylic is so notch-sensitive, and waterjet does not work well with lots of small holes.

Do you have any tips for designing parts for laser cut plywood?

Kevin H
What Is CandyFab All About?
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 21 2009 @ 12:35 PM PST
I have a suggestion for your website. Since my self-imposed limit of 30 seconds has passed without discovering what CandyFab is about I would normally move on. But enough about this intrigues me to press on further. Another 30 seconds and I've gleaned some clues but, not particularly interested in playing sleuth, I've decided to offer this unsolicited advise.

You assume too much familiarity with your project to engage the uninitiated. Do not be alarmed as this is the results of a well-documented genetic deficiency in Homo Sapiens Geekus Inventis.

But wait! My own ADHD may be a contributing factor for I notice "CandyFabWiki" in the top right corner of the window which has heretofore escaped my scrutiny. <a visit to aforementioned link follows> Having now learned what I can from your Wiki I can rest assured you are aware of your limitations in the documentation department although let this missive at least alert you to the need for more visible links for the unWiki enlightened if you intend to attract followers from the great unwashed, yet sugar-deprived, masses.

I remain your most humble servant,
W. Cromwell Hornfisher
The CandyFab 6000
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, June 23 2010 @ 05:25 PM PDT
As far as casting a metal like lost wax or investment casting: Attach pre-cast sugar gates and risers to the object with frosting or other water soluble "glue", surround it in the heat resistant casting material, then melt all the sugar out with hot water. No high heat melting of the investment is needed. But you probably thought of this already.